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IATF16949 166-3648 Engine Piston Pin , CAT C-9 C9 Connecting Rod Pin

Place of Origin JAPAN , CHINA
Brand Name CAT
Certification IATF16949:2020 /ISO9001:2008
Model Number C-9/C9
Minimum Order Quantity 1 SET
Price Negotiated Price
Packaging Details Wooden case/Carton/Standard Shipping Package
Delivery Time Delivery within one week after receiving of payment
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, X-Transfer
Supply Ability 120000 Pcs Per Month
Product Details
PRICE Negotiable CONDITION Brand New
CERTIFICATION IATF16949:2020 /ISO9001:2008 QUALITY Excellent Quality
WARRANTY 18 Months DELIVERY TIME Within One Week After Receiving The Payment
PAYMENT TERMS L/C,T/T, X-Transfer PACKING METHODS Wooden Case/Carton/ Standard Shipping Package
PRODUCT NAME Engine Piston Pin CAR MAKE Excavator
APPLICATION Diesel Engine OE No. 166-3648
SHIPPING Air Sea Express Delivery SAMPLE Acceptbale
SAMPLE ORDER Acceptbale HIGH LIGHT CAT C-9/C9 166-3648 Great Durability Engine Piston Pin
High Light

IATF16949 Engine Piston Pin


166-3648 Engine Piston Pin


CAT Connecting Rod Pin

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Product Description

CAT C-9/C9 166-3648 Great Durability Engine Piston Pin



Within one week after

receiving the payment


Wooden case/Carton/

Standard Shipping Package


CAT C-9 166-3648 4 6
CAT C9 166-3648 4 6


IATF16949 166-3648 Engine Piston Pin , CAT C-9 C9 Connecting Rod Pin 0






1. The Reason For "Jumping"

(1) Wear of the speed change transmission mechanism The W4-60 excavator adopts a mechanical shift transmission mechanism, which relies on the sliding tooth sleeve to move axially on the fixed tooth sleeve and is connected with the driven gear of each gear. engaged to achieve shifting. In the frequent shifting process, the tooth end faces of the above-mentioned meshing gears are easily ground into a conical shape, which reduces the meshing performance and leads to "jumping gears".
(2) The performance of the self-locking mechanism is degraded. In order to prevent the transmission from "jumping", this type of excavator is installed in the box cover holes above the fork shafts of the Ⅱ, Ⅲ and Ⅳ and Ⅴ gears of the transmission and in the Ⅰ and reverse shift forks. There are steel balls and springs that play a self-locking role. When the elasticity of the spring that plays the role of positioning and self-locking is weakened or broken, the self-locking performance of the self-locking mechanism will decrease until it disappears, causing the transmission to "jump". At the same time, if the groove on the positioning steel ball or the fork shaft is worn, it can also cause the transmission to "jump".
(3) Improper adjustment of the shifting device The transmission of this type of excavator adopts a mechanical manual shifting method. If the shift lever, vertical axis, horizontal axis and vertical fixing screws are loose, the transmission can also "jump".
(4) Sudden change of external load Due to the working nature of the excavator and the design of the machine itself, the sudden change of the external load will also cause its transmission to "jump". When the road surface is uneven, the machine is driving downhill or the driving route is improper and the external load changes suddenly, the sudden change of the load will act on the gear meshing gear of the transmission through the wheels and drive shaft, so that the gear meshing gear Disengagement due to axial thrust, causing the transmission to "jump".
(5) Improper operation method When the excavator is driving on a slope (especially driving downhill), if the operation is improper, it will also cause the transmission to "jump".

2. Precaution

(1) Operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures and driving essentials, and try to avoid "beating teeth" when shifting gears to reduce the wear of the gear pair.
(2) Strictly implement the maintenance system and strengthen the maintenance of the shifting device. When the lever system of the shift device is not connected properly, it should be adjusted in time to ensure the good performance of the shift device.
(3) Pay attention to the repair and maintenance of the self-locking mechanism, and repair or replace the positioning steel balls, springs and fork shafts with reduced positioning effect or loss of positioning efficiency in time, so that the self-locking performance of the self-locking mechanism is in a good state. .
(4) When assembling the transmission, it should be operated in strict accordance with the operating procedures to ensure that the various parts of the transmission are properly adjusted and tightened properly. On a large downhill road, the driver should strictly follow the downhill action essentials, and must not violate the regulations.







Our main products include various powder metallurgy parts such as piston rings, cylinder liners and powertrains for excavator engines,we through using lead step technology development for the overwhelming majority of customers with low cost has the original value of the products,in order to realize the engine such as lightweight,low fuel fee【environmentally friendly engine manufacturing】has made a contribution.We pursuit the highest quality,by the world's first-class speed,manufacturing world-class products efficiently.


IATF16949 166-3648 Engine Piston Pin , CAT C-9 C9 Connecting Rod Pin 1


IATF16949 166-3648 Engine Piston Pin , CAT C-9 C9 Connecting Rod Pin 2





IATF16949 166-3648 Engine Piston Pin , CAT C-9 C9 Connecting Rod Pin 3






IATF16949 166-3648 Engine Piston Pin , CAT C-9 C9 Connecting Rod Pin 4



IATF16949 166-3648 Engine Piston Pin , CAT C-9 C9 Connecting Rod Pin 5






1. Are you manufacturer or trading company?


We are the OEM manufacturer, head Office is in HongKong China.


2. What products do you make?


We are engaged in manufacturing engine cylinder liner, piston, piston ring, cylinder liner kits, cylinder head gasket, engine gasket kits and Other core engine parts.


3. What scenario can your product be applied?


Our products are widely used in power fields such as construction machinery, generator set, commercial vehicle, passenger car. agricultural machinery, ship, etc.


4. Which countries and regions are your market extend all over?


Our markets includes North America, Western Europe and the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa South America and all over the world,for example:USA,Germany and Australia,UAE and Brazil and so on..


5. What is the standard of package?


We have Japanese TP Brand package, also have wooden case/carton/standard shipping package,Or custom-made packaging.


6. What is the delivery time?


Generally, we will arrange the goods within 24 hours after your payment; If some items are no stock, it will take 30-45 days to produce after received deposit.


7. What kind of payment terms do you have?


L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, X-Transfer is also acceptable.


8.How can I get a quotation?


A complete quotation based on the details as follows in your inquiry:

a.Excavator brand name;

b.Excavator model number;

c. Engine model;

d.Part number;

e. Pictures;


g.Other requirements, such as Packing, Shipping and so on.


9.How do you pack the goods?


The products will be carefully handled by three steps:

a: Wrapped with packing paper or plastic bag;

b: Japanese TP brand box or customized box;

c: Put in an appropriate carton box or wooden boxes and be fixed firmly.


10.How can I know the status of my order?


We will keep you udpate the process of the preparation, to ensure all issues are resolved prior to the delivery.products pictures can be provided if required. We shall send out the goods immediately after confirmation and you will get the tracking information right away


11.How to guarantee your service?


· Strict inspection during production

· Strictly check the products before shipment to ensure our packaging in good condition

· Track and receive feedback from customer regularly


12.What will you do about quality complaint?


·We will respond to customer within 24 hours.

·Our QC will retest the same item in the warehouse, if confirmed it is quality problem, we will make corresponding compensation.


13.What is the warranty time of the products?


The warranty time is 18 months based on the item details; We don't provide warranty time for original and used products.